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Mac OSX Update Instructions

Last Updated: Nov 30, 2015 04:02PM CST
The official firmware release is 1.5.5. When your watch has enough of a battery charge, take it off the clip and press button D (bottom left), from the widget view. If your version or build number is less than the official, you should update your watch using the instructions below.

***Usage Notes***
*The application is for Mac OS 10.7-10.10.
*For any help, please email
*These instructions are only for use with the serial charging clip (blue foam) that comes with STRATA or FRAME devices. The development clip (JTAG version) that is packaged with development systems or sold separately, will require different instructions.
*You should charge your watch to at least 80%
*You should plug directly to a USB port on your PC, not through a USB hub
* Disable your smartphone's bluetooth radio.
*You should hard reset your watch by pressing and holding both buttons B and E (middle right and middle left) together for ~5 seconds, until the watch is reset.
1) This web service has the files you need, you can download directly from a web browser on your Mac OS PC.

From here, you will download a zip archive file. When you extract it (sometimes this is automatic), there is a Mac application file called "MetaWatch Update to 1_5_5 (1040) for Mac". No installation of any files is required. Simply download these files to a folder on your computer and then you can run the MetaWatch Update to v1.5.5 application from that folder.

2) Run the MetaWatch Update to v1.5.5 application. You may need to hold the "Control" key and then click on the app, then choose "open" from the menu. This could be required because the app was not downloaded from the App Store.
3) Plug in your blue clip to a USB port on your Mac. The LED of the clip should turn on. 
4) Connect the watch to the clip (careful not to hold any buttons on the watch while plugging into the charge clip).

4a) If customer support has provided you with alternative firmware you would like to update to, simply drag and drop the provided .a43 on top of the open updater window which will then override the built in firmware for the update.

5) Click on "Update Watch", the app will attempt to find the watch and establish communications. At this time you will be prompted to enter your OS X Admin password. Do so and click Install Helper.
6) The watch's LED light will begin flashing and the blue bar on the PC application will move to indicate progress. The updater should remain in the foreground for the duration of the update or it may become paused.

The update app will give you error messages if anything abnormal is detected and attempt to give you instruction to try an recover. Right now it seems the most common issue is the need to unplug the USB cable the clip is attached to and then to plug it back in. You should try simply pressing "Update Watch" again a couple of times before unplugging and staring from step 3 again.

If the app can not find the watch, try taking the watch off the clip and then back on again. Make sure the watch is seated well and the back of the watch is flush with the clip. You may try a reset of the watch while on the clip by pressing and holding button F (top left) for ~5 seconds and then starting from step 5 again.
If you started your Flash update and for any reason it stops or has an error. YOU MUST run the update program again, until it completes.

**If you get an error about needing to disable "FTDI drivers" then please email for more instructions.
7) Once the copy is complete, the PC app will tell the watch to reboot and the watch will spend a few extra seconds checking that the program matches what is expected while booting up after the update.
8) If the update worked, the watch will start back into watch mode and return a message to the PC app. Then the app will give you a Success message on the PC screen.

**If you have any issues during the update, you can try a different USB port or a different USB cable. Make sure you are not plugged into a USB hub, but directly into a port on your computer.
**If the update did not work, the watch should stay in this update mode, ready for the PC app to try again by going back to step 5. You may need to close the app and try again from Step 3 if your watch does not boot into the normal application mode and instead stays in Upload mode. Keep the watch on the clip while you work.

**You may need to try putting the watch on the clip and then pressing and holding all three buttons on the right hand side to attempt to exit update mode. Without a valid watch application, your watch will simply go back to Update mode, but now you can close the update app and try again from step 5.

9) Once booted into normal watch mode, you can check your watch version now by pressing button D (lower left) from the pairing screen before you are connected or the widget screen after you are connected.

10) You should follow the "Getting Started" instructions to re-connect your watch completely.

Please note that for new iOS8 users upgrading from iOS7 you need to follow these instructions to reconnect:
A) Turn Bluetooth OFF on your watch
B) Goto iOS/Settings/Bluetooth, find your old pairing, tap the arrow, and tap "Forget Device"
C) Return your watch to factory settings by pressing and holding both middle buttons for 5 seconds
D) Open iOS/Settings/Bluetooth and find the name of your watch in the Devices list, and tap the name.
E) When prompted, tap "Pair"
F) Open MetaWatch Manager v1.4 (now available on iTunes). The connection should complete and load your widgets.

That's It!

email: with any questions or to report any issues.
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