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Windows Update Instructions

Last Updated: Feb 14, 2014 10:47AM CST
The official firmware release is 1.5.3. When your watch has enough of a battery charge, take it off the clip and press button D (bottom left), from the widget view. If your version or build number is less than the official, you should update your watch using the instructions below.
***Usage Notes***
*For any help, please email
*These instructions are only for use with the serial charging clip (blue foam) that comes with STRATA or FRAME devices. The development clip (JTAG version) that is packaged with development systems or sold separately, will require different instructions.

*You should charge your watch to at least 80%
*You should plug directly to a USB port on your PC, not through a USB hub
*Android users should disconnect your watch from your phone in the MetaWatch Manager app.
*You should hard reset your watch by pressing and holding both buttons B and E (middle right and middle left) together for ~5 seconds, until the watch is reset.
A) This link contains a zip archive that has all the files you need, named "MetaWatch Update to 1_5_3 for":

After you unzip or extract the files from the zip file you should see an application, named "MetaWatch Updater for Windows v09.exe" and the watch firmware binary file is called "153rc_999007.a43" and there is a plain text file named "MW Version 1.5.3 Release Notes.txt​" that describes the changes in the update. No installation of these files is required, simply download these files to a folder on your computer and then you can run the "MetaWatch Updater for Windows v09.exe" application from your download folder.
B) If you have not done so already, please install the Windows drivers for your blue charging clip. You may need to restart your PC after the drivers are installed.

C) Connect the watch to the charging clip.
D) Plug in your charging clip to a USB port. Do not use a hub. You will need to know the COM port your computer assigned to the charging clip. You can find this in your Windows Device Manager listed in "Ports", the name should be "USB Serial Port". You need to know the number (i.e. "COM 113" in this screen shot example -- yours will probably be different).

windows device manager

E) Run the METABOOT application, after it scans for the existence of COM ports, it will prompt you to select your COM port from the drop down box (i.e. "COM 113") and press OK. If you found the clip in the Windows Device Manager, but do not see it in the Application's list, then press "Refresh" and look in the list again.

F) Then you will see a new interface which will be used to update your watch. Your watch should say "Ready for Update" on the screen.

G) Press 'browse' and pick the "153rc_999007.a43" file you have for your update.
H) Now you can hit "Flash" - this will copy the .a43 file into the watch program memory. If there is any failure, you should close the app and return to step E (where you will open it again).

If you have any issues during the update, you can try a different USB port or a different USB cable. Make sure you are not plugged into a USB hub, but directly into a port on your computer.

If you decide to exit Update mode without performing a software update, close the METABOOT app and press and hold all three buttons on the right hand side of the watch. This will restart your watch with no changes.

If you started your Flash update and for any reason it stops or has an error. YOU MUST run the update program again, until it completes.

If you have a valid watch application, then your watch will boot normally. If you don't however, your watch will stay in Update mode mode and you need to try to flash it again by closing the app and going back to Step E.
I) Once the copy is complete, the PC app tells the watch to reboot, then the watch spends a few extra seconds checking that the program matches what is expected.
J) If the update worked, the watch will start back into normal watch mode.

If you have a blank screen, try pressing button E (middle left) or button F (bottom left).

If the update did not work, the watch should stay in this update mode, ready for the PC app to try again. You may need to close the app and try again from Step E if your watch does not boot into the normal application mode and instead stays in Upload mode. Keep the watch on the clip while you work.

You may need to try putting the watch on the clip and then pressing and holding all three buttons on the right hand side to attempt to exit Update mode. Without a valid watch application, your watch will simply go back to Update mode, but now you can close the METABOOT app and try again from step E.

K) You can check your watch version now by pressing button D (lower left).

L) You should follow the Getting Started instructions to re-connect your watch completely.

That's It!

email: with any questions.

     *Driver Installation guides (all OS):

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